Agenda etc.

[Nov. 30]
I’ll be at the office.
Plan: treat my officemates out… an advance birthday celebration

[Dec 1 ]
No work for this day!
According to Proclamation No. 1169: November 30, 2006 (Thursday) is declared as working day, while authorizing December 1, 2006 (Friday) as a Non-Working Holiday.
Plan: go to the mall and buy shoes and clothes for the kids

[Dec 2] It’s my birthday! I’m already 27! Time really flies so fast…
Plan: my husband said he would buy Yellow Cab Pizza for merienda. But I said, I want a cake, even a small one would do. He said “para daw akong bata!”… hmmm.

This is also the reunion of my highschool batchmates at Paco Catholic School. It’s been a decade since we graduated from highschool. They would be celebrating it at Grilla Bar & Grill at Makati.

[Dec 3]
Celebration at Home!
It’s Russel’s (my nephew) 2nd birthday celebration. His birthday is actually last Nov. 27. This is also Chad’s (my cousin) birthday!
Plan: there’ll be spaghetti, cake, ice cream and a lot more so all I have to do is eat a lot! whewww… I’ll be adding a few more pounds!


Happy to be Me

I had changed. I had matured.

A few days, I received a flower from a so-called admirer. Haha. It’s funny. I’m already married and I already have kids. I want to say “para san ba yan?.. .dapat hindi na ko binigyan ng ganyan”. Hayyy. They should just look for other woman who are not yet committed.

Maybe if it happened years ago, I would appreciate the gesture. But now, it doesn’t matter anymore. I am placing a wall. I am shielding myself from anyone. I am taking cover.

Looking back:
I remember those guys who have given me flowers.I remember all the letters, chocolates and gifts I had received from all those who admired me. I remember being asked out for dates. And I also remember how I treated some offensively, not being bothered with how they feel. Yet, somehow I’ve been thankful how those experiences had made me feel.         

I admit, admirations are flattering. But now, it doesn’t lift my spirits even if people say nice things about me. My source of happiness in life had changed. I know myself and I am contented with the way I am. I’m just glad that through all these years, I’ve been a better person. I’m happy being me.

Sneak preview


Just a sneak peek at my previous personal blog, Still Echoes, which I created at Blogger. It contains:

+ some updates on my life- thoughts and feelings
+ pictures of my children, my family 
+ quest for making money online, affiliate sites
+ blog traffic sites and blog directories
+ anything goes here…

I would also be transferring my other blog, Click Surf and Earn! which I had created at Blogger. It’s still new, doesn’t have much posts yet.

Moving on

This would be my new space. I could not update my Blogger account as the site has been blocked in the office. Sigh. I’ve tried accessing the site from a proxy server, but I have no luck. Friendster is also blocked. Oh well. I could not read my messages and accept those friend requests. In time, I will. 

I could not import my posts here as my blog is created in blogger beta.

So here I am, creating a new one. Shifting in another free blog site and in the meantime, choosing this template. Hopefully one of this days, I would be able to create my own blog design. Or maybe not, maybe I’m just too lazy to do that.