Agenda etc.

[Nov. 30]
I’ll be at the office.
Plan: treat my officemates out… an advance birthday celebration

[Dec 1 ]
No work for this day!
According to Proclamation No. 1169: November 30, 2006 (Thursday) is declared as working day, while authorizing December 1, 2006 (Friday) as a Non-Working Holiday.
Plan: go to the mall and buy shoes and clothes for the kids

[Dec 2] It’s my birthday! I’m already 27! Time really flies so fast…
Plan: my husband said he would buy Yellow Cab Pizza for merienda. But I said, I want a cake, even a small one would do. He said “para daw akong bata!”… hmmm.

This is also the reunion of my highschool batchmates at Paco Catholic School. It’s been a decade since we graduated from highschool. They would be celebrating it at Grilla Bar & Grill at Makati.

[Dec 3]
Celebration at Home!
It’s Russel’s (my nephew) 2nd birthday celebration. His birthday is actually last Nov. 27. This is also Chad’s (my cousin) birthday!
Plan: there’ll be spaghetti, cake, ice cream and a lot more so all I have to do is eat a lot! whewww… I’ll be adding a few more pounds!


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