In These Places

[12/9 am] at MDH
Me and my husband took took a leave from work today to go to the hospital for our children’s check-up. Paid 4600 pesos for their injection! Whewww ang mahal talaga! But I know it’s for their own good.

Here, I could definitely say that my children’s health is more important than anything else.

[12/9 pm]
Left the kids at home. We decided to visit the Worls Bazaar Festival at the World Trade Center.
Bought a toy, a Hello Kitty watch, a pair of t-shirt and shorts for our inaanaks. Also bought T-shirts that we would give as gifts. These’s a lot of items that I wanted to buy, pero sympre I have to stick to our budget and buy the things that we needed first.

It’s raining! Again… shopping time at the World Bazaar! This time, we brought along our kids, together with my sis & her bf.

Here, I won’t get tired of shopping!


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