Sentimental Pieces

You’re in his heart, though you’re not a part of his life now.
-an exerpt-

Just one of these moments which makes me sigh. When song lyrics and words makes me feel sentimental. Maybe I’m just hopeless romantic. Maybe i’m just fond of love stories and love songs. Maybe I just appreciate the thoughts of holding on, moving on and letting go. *sigh*

If only i could go back to our yesterday
I would have not allowed to see you go away
It’s been awhile but things are really not the same
But still there’s something that i want you to know
Baby that i’ve always loved you so
– All This Time, by OJ Mariano

I am truly grateful for being able to experience love, all the joys and pains that comes a long with it. How it had made me a complete person, capable of givng and receiving love in return. Love in all its ups and downs.

Being married is totally different! I completely erased the thoughts of moving on and letting on. This time, I would truly keep on holding on.


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