On Making These Step

Would I take the risk and consider taking another opportunity? Moving now into a different company becomes a big decision. I have to weigh the pros and cons and think a thousand times. I don\’t want to waste my time nor the company\’s time if I am not fully decided. When accepted, I have to prove my worth and give my best.

In here, I am experiencing freedom. It is not hard to take a leave from work and there is no pressure either. Would I be willing to sacrifice this freedom for a possible growth and opportunity? But since we would be transferring into another house, working far from home would bring me another problem. I am not fond of commuting that far. I hate to commute on public transpo and join all those people during rush hours. Lagi pa naman akong late. So maybe I\’ll just find a new job in the nearby area where we would be residing. Maybe that sounds reasonable.

My mind is full of what-ifs. What if I won\’t like the job, the people and the company itself? But what if it it would be a good one for me?

Hayy, ang hirap naman. Parang ayoko na tuloy.
Pero sayang rin baka ok naman.
Ewan ko ba.


My replica

A friend request from her? Again!  

For a minute, I have accepted her friend request. Then afterwards, deleted her in my friends list. I have nothing to lose anyway.

She was just curious of the life I have now. I bet she’ll just try to copy what she can and learn more about me. I never want that to happen again. She’s not after the friendship. She’s into something else.

I now place my trust on my instincts. I let it all pass.
I won’t allow her to put complexities in my life.

I took time to read her profle and I felt numb. In a few seconds, it had dampen my spirits. I should never given it a moment.

I felt irritated at what she had become. She wasn’t the kind of person I once knew. More so, she had succeeded. She’s had become the kind of person I am. Sounding the way I sound. An imitation of the personality I have. A replica of my being. I knew beforehand that she would.

I would gain nothing from this. My time should not be wasted on such crap.
And I’ll put an end to this.

My Friendster

I haven’t logged on my Friendster account for weeks. The site has been blocked at our office. I’ve got the chance to check my account using this proxy server.

I’ve read my messages. Accepted friend request from Jonathan (my college friend), Michael (a college schoomate), Roland (a friend from highschool) and Miong (schoolmate from highschool). have not accepted one person to be my friend, though. It’s better to leave things the way it is. I already learned and experienced the complexities of knowing her.

Birthday Preps

Started searching for lootbag items and souvenirs for Brent’s 1st birthday party. We’ll be celebrating it at Jollibee on the 11th instead on the 10th as the latter date is already booked. It would be a Spongebob party theme. We’ve found lots of cute items around Divi mall.

Though we’ve only bought  stickers, drawing books and keychains. We would be buying some more and would go back for the souvenirs.

It feels good to plan for a party. Though we have to live only with our budget. It will just be a simple party as we can’t afford to spend that much. What matters is providing our baby with a good celebration. Thanking God for giving him to us.

Here’s a Spongebob picture I’ve downloaded on the Internet that I could use for the invites, tarpaulin and souvenirs.

Lucky Enough

Our office email says that I’ve won a twin-tub washing machine! It was supposed to be a raffle for the Christmas party. Na-late yata ng dating yung prize. [ewan] Oh d’ba humabol pa ko! hehehe

So maybe my luck is high this year. Or maybe i’m just being more optimistic. Well, that’s better.

I’ll continue hoping.
Expect less.
Go on dreaming.
Keep on praying.

Cheers to 2007

Celebrated New Year’s Eve at Mommy Lola’s house.

Cheers to brand new year! Thanking the people who have shared the wonders of the previous years with me. Wishing that this year would be full of love, blessings, peace and happiness.