My replica

A friend request from her? Again!  

For a minute, I have accepted her friend request. Then afterwards, deleted her in my friends list. I have nothing to lose anyway.

She was just curious of the life I have now. I bet she’ll just try to copy what she can and learn more about me. I never want that to happen again. She’s not after the friendship. She’s into something else.

I now place my trust on my instincts. I let it all pass.
I won’t allow her to put complexities in my life.

I took time to read her profle and I felt numb. In a few seconds, it had dampen my spirits. I should never given it a moment.

I felt irritated at what she had become. She wasn’t the kind of person I once knew. More so, she had succeeded. She’s had become the kind of person I am. Sounding the way I sound. An imitation of the personality I have. A replica of my being. I knew beforehand that she would.

I would gain nothing from this. My time should not be wasted on such crap.
And I’ll put an end to this.


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