On Making These Step

Would I take the risk and consider taking another opportunity? Moving now into a different company becomes a big decision. I have to weigh the pros and cons and think a thousand times. I don\’t want to waste my time nor the company\’s time if I am not fully decided. When accepted, I have to prove my worth and give my best.

In here, I am experiencing freedom. It is not hard to take a leave from work and there is no pressure either. Would I be willing to sacrifice this freedom for a possible growth and opportunity? But since we would be transferring into another house, working far from home would bring me another problem. I am not fond of commuting that far. I hate to commute on public transpo and join all those people during rush hours. Lagi pa naman akong late. So maybe I\’ll just find a new job in the nearby area where we would be residing. Maybe that sounds reasonable.

My mind is full of what-ifs. What if I won\’t like the job, the people and the company itself? But what if it it would be a good one for me?

Hayy, ang hirap naman. Parang ayoko na tuloy.
Pero sayang rin baka ok naman.
Ewan ko ba.


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