Being a Mom

I am a mother. In the future, I anticipate that there would be times that my children would not understand me, more so, hate me somehow for the ways they would found differently.

It is hurtful to know that my younger sister hates mama so much, to the point that she and her husband loses their respect. Mom doesn’t know about those words they are saying behind her. It was only my other sister, my older brother and me who knows all about it. My older brother even confronted my brother-in-law because of that incident.

I want to make my sister unerstand mom’s situation now. I know mom would give them the money, but not at the moment. There are a lot of things that she’s taking care of right now. I want my sister to be thankful for all those years that mom had sacrificed for us, just ot give us a better life. We had a good life compared to others. I want my sister to appreciate those blessings. She only keeps in mind all those negative words mom had uttered, yet she failed to realize all good things that mom had done for her. 

I admit, there are also some things I don’t like about my mom. There are times that I could not understand her and the way she deal with situations. Yes, we are different. She wants to  act at the spur of the moment- where everything is a rush, whereas I want everything well planned. I don’t want the way she wanted to carry everything behind her back, failing to realize that she’s not superwoman. But then, she’s not perfect and like everyone else she’s just human. I am thankful I have her in my life. There are more things I appreciate about her. She just wants to give the best for everyone.


Behind Being ME

Blueberyz is a chat addict. This becomes my nick way back MIRC days. I was in college that time.  Those days when I get to know and meet differently kinds of people. When I stayed online until wee hours in the morning just to chat with those online friends. I was blueberyz. When I take the chance to meet them personally, aka -eyeball. And I would chat then the next day and would read the lines, “blueberyz is cute!” And sometimes, people from the same college I went to would say, “you’re blueberyz, right?”… Oh well.  

The nick I’ve used when I got tired of being blueberyz. Hiding behind this identity. I love this name! For me it’s like being kissed in a hot and passionately way, yet being feminine at the same time.

Only a few wants to call me Ameur. No wonder I wouldn’t want to be called one. I remember my high school teacher. I remember two college professors. One who eyes me somehow and one who always articulates my ex-boyfirends surname, which is Ame. I even remember her saying, “I asked Ame if he will marry Ameur. And he said “I do!”. Ohhhh… those were the days. 

Yes, this is me! Somehow a sophisticated one. Close high school and college friends call me by this name. I miss those days. I miss the company of seeing my friends everyday as much as I miss being Czarm. Czarm had a full-life, nothing is ever wasted. All emotions had been felt. All chances on life and love had been taken.  A thousand experiences and lessons learned throughout those years.

I grew up as Arom, a chubby-shy girl. I am still Arom, but now I am a woman. Still with that somehow shy-nice image. To my family and relatives I would always be Arom. It’s the safest place I know, where I would always feel loved. Always remembering that no matter how strong the wind is or how high the waves are, there are people who are willing to lend me a hand and support me. Those are the people who knew me as Arom.

This is me now. In the professional world I am Cza. Started being Cza when I could not use Czarm in the first company I was employed in. I didn’t want to leave Czarm behind, but I could not. Now, I stick to this. My husband knew me through being Cza.

Changes and more changes.
These are some parts of being Me. Fragments of who the person behind my life people knew about. No matter who I am to them, I am happy. I am contented knowing who the real person is inside.

A Place like Home

It’s Monday and I am tired!
Hopefully, we would be able to settle in a new home. We’ve left the house at Makati and we’re currently staying at Millenium Plaza. We’ve been there for a week already. I think we would be moving in at Mandaluyong area. This time, we would be living separate doors away from my parents.

For more than 20 years we’ve been living at Paco, my grandma’s home. A lot of my things are still there. A thousand memories and experiences learned. Now I already have a family of my own. I want to stay as near as possible to my mom. It’s not easy being a mother. I am afraid to leave my kids to anyone else It’s so hard to trust just the maid to take care of my children while my husband and I are working. I want my children to feel safe and secured. Near my mom, I know they are safe.

But we are also preparing for the time that we would live in a place my own family could call our own. I know we would still be counting years. By that time, my children could take care of themselves. Still, I would worry about them. But I have always belived that God is always taking care of us.

Leaving Behind

Moved on temporarily to a new place.
Until when? Maybe for just 2-3 days or maybe more
Breathing an air of relief as the atmosphere changes
Leaving behind all those baggages and troubles
Leaving behind the place we’ve known for a year

It’s Valentine’s Day


Ohhh it’s Valentine’s day!
The day when too much love fills the air. A day wherein almost every woman desires to receive chocolates, roses or teddy bears. Where lovers becomes more affectionate. When they search for the perfect gift for their loved ones. When lovers stare at each other and you could see the gleam in their eyes. I find it pleasing when I see guys/ men carry bouquet of flowers. I found all those gestures so sweet.

I am a devotee of love. I am fond of love songs and love stories. I love everything that comes along with love. I experienced receiving chocolates, roses (some where even delivered), stuffed toys and cards from a past lover, suitors and admirers. I could just smile remembering all those past Valentine’s day I had.

Now, I have the love I will keep with me forever. I value the love that my husband and I shares. It feels so great to love and be loved. There’s nothing else I could ever ask for. 

Well, Happy Hearts Day!

Motorola V3X


I have a new phone – fuschia pink Motorola V3X (pa girl na naman hehehe). Ang kulit kase ng asawa ko gusto talaga palitan ang Samsung phone ko, syempre para next time siya naman ang magpapalit ng phone. We’re choosing among Ericson Z710i (I like the ivory one, very professional looking), Ericson Z610i (I wanted to buy this, but, it’s a high-maintenance phone- stylish, smooth mirror like front), and the Motorola V3X.

Party Pictures

The cake, tarpaulin and the family…
   spongebob cake and lootbags tarpaulin family

With the birthday boy…
brent img_0126.JPG img_0060.JPG

Some of our guests …
img_0016.JPG img_0025.JPG img_0040.JPG

img_0029.JPG img_0041.JPG img_0032.JPG

Fun times and Jollibee…

img_0077.JPG img_0069.JPG img_0129.JPG

The Celebration

Brent’s celebration is simple yet I know that everyone had a great time at the party. The kids really enjoyed the party games and even the adults participated. There was never a dull moment. We’ve given the kids lootbags which contains Spongebob items, bubbles, toys and a personalized coinbank. I gave the adults a Spongebob souvenir. I also gave the guests keychains and a personalized magnet which contains their pictures. Everyone loved it! All the guests wanted to have a cupcake also, though unfortunately I could give all of them as we’ve only had 24 pcs of the cupcakes. The Spongebob cake is courtesy of my sister- Lyv. We even received a free kiddie bike from Jollibee and a gift certificate at Ace Water Spa

My husband and I are so thankful for having Brent in our life. I pray that he’ll have a good future ahead and that he may grow up full of love and respect. Our children are the greatest treasures we have. And we thank God for giving us those blessings.

Happy Birthday!

It’s my baby’s 1st birthday!
Time flies so fast. Now, he’s already one year old!

The celebration would be tomorrow at Jollibee. Here’s some items we would be giving away to our guests as souvenirs.

personalized magnet   personalized coinbank souvenirs 
Personalized  magnet- Personalized coinbanks- Party souvenirs

Those Glances

Sometimes when walking I would notice people smiling at me. Sometimes I would smile back, oftentimes I don’t. Sometimes even people I get to see everyday would often give me a 5 second stare. Gusto ko na ngang sabihin… bakit ba kayo nakatingin pag dumadaan ako? But, it would be rude if I do that. So I’ll just let them stare…

Pero, bakit kaya?

Birthday Invitation


The invitation I’ve sent to my friends through email. Hoping that they would make it on Brent’s birthday celebration.

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