A Place like Home

It’s Monday and I am tired!
Hopefully, we would be able to settle in a new home. We’ve left the house at Makati and we’re currently staying at Millenium Plaza. We’ve been there for a week already. I think we would be moving in at Mandaluyong area. This time, we would be living separate doors away from my parents.

For more than 20 years we’ve been living at Paco, my grandma’s home. A lot of my things are still there. A thousand memories and experiences learned. Now I already have a family of my own. I want to stay as near as possible to my mom. It’s not easy being a mother. I am afraid to leave my kids to anyone else It’s so hard to trust just the maid to take care of my children while my husband and I are working. I want my children to feel safe and secured. Near my mom, I know they are safe.

But we are also preparing for the time that we would live in a place my own family could call our own. I know we would still be counting years. By that time, my children could take care of themselves. Still, I would worry about them. But I have always belived that God is always taking care of us.


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