Being a Mom

I am a mother. In the future, I anticipate that there would be times that my children would not understand me, more so, hate me somehow for the ways they would found differently.

It is hurtful to know that my younger sister hates mama so much, to the point that she and her husband loses their respect. Mom doesn’t know about those words they are saying behind her. It was only my other sister, my older brother and me who knows all about it. My older brother even confronted my brother-in-law because of that incident.

I want to make my sister unerstand mom’s situation now. I know mom would give them the money, but not at the moment. There are a lot of things that she’s taking care of right now. I want my sister to be thankful for all those years that mom had sacrificed for us, just ot give us a better life. We had a good life compared to others. I want my sister to appreciate those blessings. She only keeps in mind all those negative words mom had uttered, yet she failed to realize all good things that mom had done for her. 

I admit, there are also some things I don’t like about my mom. There are times that I could not understand her and the way she deal with situations. Yes, we are different. She wants to  act at the spur of the moment- where everything is a rush, whereas I want everything well planned. I don’t want the way she wanted to carry everything behind her back, failing to realize that she’s not superwoman. But then, she’s not perfect and like everyone else she’s just human. I am thankful I have her in my life. There are more things I appreciate about her. She just wants to give the best for everyone.


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