The Game She Played

She wanted to meet me.She keeps sending messages asking if I’m still working here and if she could meet me during lunch break. I said to myself that these are all bluffs. But then, I go on with the flow… I played with the game she wanted. I know won’t lose here. Messages from her keeps on coming, telling me that she’s about to come here already. Oh c’mon. Her lies won’t stop… her made-up messages continues to go on. I told her, “alright then, just text me if you’re here already and I’ll meet you downstairs”. Such a waste of time and of text messages I’ve given.

After a while, there she goes saying sorry for not being able to show up… that’s it’s not right for us to meet.. that she won’t bother texting me again. She told me that she’s already downstairs but had think twice of meeting me… telling me that she just wanted to say sorry for what she had done to me before. Blah. blah. blah. My instincts are right from the very start. Well, her saying sorry doesn’t matter. A hundred times it could be said. I told her everything is already over… I had forgiven and forgetten what had been.

I know beforehand that she’s not true. Everything about her isn’t. I bet she’s not here and if ever she’s here she won’t bother wasting time just to meet me and seek forgiveness. Seeing her would mean seeing the all the lies hidden in her very eyes. Meeting her would mean sensing the fears she continues to hide and  the insecurites which envelops her being.


She’s Here Again

Someone sent a birthday greeting for my daughter through text message. Unknowingly. I replied showing appreciation for remembering my daughter’s birthday. I replied thinking that it was one of our relatives or one of our friends. But I thought wrong.The number belongs to the wife of my past. Well. Thank you. She even invited us on his sons 3rd birthday. And of course, I said we could not come as we also have a little celebration at home. And even if we don’t, there’s no way we would come. She then started to share her vacation plans with me. Curiosity about my life fills her again. I never bothered to continue the conversation anymore. This is enough.

Just a while ago, she sent me a message saying she and her husband are already separated. She said that they are better off that way as she could not bear those people who wanted to ruin their marriage. I didn’t believe her. I stay put. I never made an effort to reply.  Ano na naman ba yan?!

Don’t bother me with your words anymore
Such trickery is worthless
Don’t make me think
Don’t put chaos into my serenity
Don’t make me involved
I already anticipated what you wanted
Your reasons behind are already in the open.

Weekend at Baguio

I could not count the times that I’ve been to Baguio… well, I guess a hundred?! I still love going to Baguio and I won’t get tired of visiting the place in the years to come.  I love the naturally air-cooled environment whch allows you to take a deep breate. When my siblings and I were young, our family used to rent a house or stay in a hotel everytime we visit the place. I remember a time when my parents stayed there for more months because of their business. I could recall all the moments and memories, the fun and excitement everytime we visit Baguio.

Last Saturday, it’s my kids time to enjoy the place I love. We spent the weekend there and stayed at an apartelle. Here are the places we’ve visited and never failed to visit:
+ the Burnham Park which is located at the heart of the city (we went boating, the kids ride on the bikes, walk around, lots of foodtrips)
+ the Wright Park (its time to ride the horses… my daughter choose the white horse with the pink hair)
+ the Mines View Park which had a selection of dry goods and silverworks. (we took more pictures, bought some goods)
+ the Good Sheperd Convent which is  a favorite stop for its Ube Jam, peanut brittle and starwberry jams.
+ the Lourdes Grotto, a Catholic Shrine and a place of meditation. You could go there by climbing the steps or by driving up a winding road. We opted for the latter.
+ the Strawberry Farm which is located at La Trinidad (again… picture taking, more pasalubongs)
+ the Baguio City Market – a public market that tourists enjoyed visitng (bought pasalubongs here)

Visiting Baguio is also a treat for my daugheter as it’s her 3rd birthday. I know she had fun and all of us really did. We’ll be coming back soon.

Skylah turns 3!


We had a simple celebration for Skylah’s 3rd birthday. We bought her a Disney kitchen as a gift and a Snow White cake. She appreciated it so much and she was really delighted upon knowing it’s her birthday! Happy birthday, Kyla… we love you so much!

Foods for the Soul

I was impressed by the text message I had received. It made me think. It made me realize.

Silence doesn’t always mean yes. It may also mean no, but it’s better left unsaid.
Anger doesn’t always mean hatred. Iy could just be a means of coping up.
Laughter doesn’t always mean happiness. Sometimes it’s just a mask.
Tears doesn’t always mean sorrow. It may also be an outlet of joy.
Staying away doesn’t always mean it’s the end. It may also mean the best beginning.

The Holiday That Was

The 6-day vacation is now officially over. It’s back to work for me now and everyone else. Half-wishing that I could still rest as my body is still tired from the family outing we had yesterday. I bet, others too would also work lazily today as they are still recovering from their vacation.

+ days at home
Nothing is more important than spending time with my family. Eating. Playing. Togetherness.

+ Sunday, Binondo Church
We attended JM’s (son of my husband’s cousin) Christening at Binondo Church. My family haven’t heared a mass for a long period and I was thankful we had the chance to do so prior to the baptism ceremony. JM’s Christening celebration followed at the Emperor Restaurant. I loved the food that they served and we had eaten too much.

I’ve also met a college blockmate, Geofrey, at the church. He saw me first and he even thought that I won’t recognize him. Whew… it felt good seeing a previous classmate from college. It was quite a long time.

+ Monday @ Laguna

7summer.jpg   8summer1.jpg
Summer outing. Swimming. Family Reunion.
It had been a great fun day for all of us! Relatives from my motherside spent the day at one private resort in Laguna. All the kids had fun times in the water, whle the adults sing their hearts out and play billiards. There are lots of food shared. All relatives from abroad are there so it was a great day for everyone as we seldom see them. A family get-together strenghtens the bond and bridges the gaps. For a day, problems are forgetten. The day is better spent without grudges. These are the memories and moments to always remember.

This Long Holiday

This is my last working day at the office. We won’t be working tomorrow but we are required to file a vacation leave. How’s that?

Office memo: To give full & uninterrupted opportunity to ponder on the significance of the Holy Week, April 7, (Black Saturday) was declared as a Special non-working holiday by Malacañang throughout the country.Vacation starts on Wednesday, April 4, 2007. Employee shall file a VL and regular working operation resumes on Tuesday, April 10, 2007.

It’s a long holiday. This week is the perfect time for a vacation. A lot of people would perhaps travel, take a trip abroad, visit their provinces or flock in resorts and beaches. As much as I would like to go on a long vacation, we won’t be. My family would just be staying at home. We’ll just have a one day dip in the pool on Monday. Hmmm, better than nothing.