The Holiday That Was

The 6-day vacation is now officially over. It’s back to work for me now and everyone else. Half-wishing that I could still rest as my body is still tired from the family outing we had yesterday. I bet, others too would also work lazily today as they are still recovering from their vacation.

+ days at home
Nothing is more important than spending time with my family. Eating. Playing. Togetherness.

+ Sunday, Binondo Church
We attended JM’s (son of my husband’s cousin) Christening at Binondo Church. My family haven’t heared a mass for a long period and I was thankful we had the chance to do so prior to the baptism ceremony. JM’s Christening celebration followed at the Emperor Restaurant. I loved the food that they served and we had eaten too much.

I’ve also met a college blockmate, Geofrey, at the church. He saw me first and he even thought that I won’t recognize him. Whew… it felt good seeing a previous classmate from college. It was quite a long time.

+ Monday @ Laguna

7summer.jpg   8summer1.jpg
Summer outing. Swimming. Family Reunion.
It had been a great fun day for all of us! Relatives from my motherside spent the day at one private resort in Laguna. All the kids had fun times in the water, whle the adults sing their hearts out and play billiards. There are lots of food shared. All relatives from abroad are there so it was a great day for everyone as we seldom see them. A family get-together strenghtens the bond and bridges the gaps. For a day, problems are forgetten. The day is better spent without grudges. These are the memories and moments to always remember.


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