Weekend at Baguio

I could not count the times that I’ve been to Baguio… well, I guess a hundred?! I still love going to Baguio and I won’t get tired of visiting the place in the years to come.  I love the naturally air-cooled environment whch allows you to take a deep breate. When my siblings and I were young, our family used to rent a house or stay in a hotel everytime we visit the place. I remember a time when my parents stayed there for more months because of their business. I could recall all the moments and memories, the fun and excitement everytime we visit Baguio.

Last Saturday, it’s my kids time to enjoy the place I love. We spent the weekend there and stayed at an apartelle. Here are the places we’ve visited and never failed to visit:
+ the Burnham Park which is located at the heart of the city (we went boating, the kids ride on the bikes, walk around, lots of foodtrips)
+ the Wright Park (its time to ride the horses… my daughter choose the white horse with the pink hair)
+ the Mines View Park which had a selection of dry goods and silverworks. (we took more pictures, bought some goods)
+ the Good Sheperd Convent which is  a favorite stop for its Ube Jam, peanut brittle and starwberry jams.
+ the Lourdes Grotto, a Catholic Shrine and a place of meditation. You could go there by climbing the steps or by driving up a winding road. We opted for the latter.
+ the Strawberry Farm which is located at La Trinidad (again… picture taking, more pasalubongs)
+ the Baguio City Market – a public market that tourists enjoyed visitng (bought pasalubongs here)

Visiting Baguio is also a treat for my daugheter as it’s her 3rd birthday. I know she had fun and all of us really did. We’ll be coming back soon.


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