She’s Here Again

Someone sent a birthday greeting for my daughter through text message. Unknowingly. I replied showing appreciation for remembering my daughter’s birthday. I replied thinking that it was one of our relatives or one of our friends. But I thought wrong.The number belongs to the wife of my past. Well. Thank you. She even invited us on his sons 3rd birthday. And of course, I said we could not come as we also have a little celebration at home. And even if we don’t, there’s no way we would come. She then started to share her vacation plans with me. Curiosity about my life fills her again. I never bothered to continue the conversation anymore. This is enough.

Just a while ago, she sent me a message saying she and her husband are already separated. She said that they are better off that way as she could not bear those people who wanted to ruin their marriage. I didn’t believe her. I stay put. I never made an effort to reply.  Ano na naman ba yan?!

Don’t bother me with your words anymore
Such trickery is worthless
Don’t make me think
Don’t put chaos into my serenity
Don’t make me involved
I already anticipated what you wanted
Your reasons behind are already in the open.


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