The Game She Played

She wanted to meet me.She keeps sending messages asking if I’m still working here and if she could meet me during lunch break. I said to myself that these are all bluffs. But then, I go on with the flow… I played with the game she wanted. I know won’t lose here. Messages from her keeps on coming, telling me that she’s about to come here already. Oh c’mon. Her lies won’t stop… her made-up messages continues to go on. I told her, “alright then, just text me if you’re here already and I’ll meet you downstairs”. Such a waste of time and of text messages I’ve given.

After a while, there she goes saying sorry for not being able to show up… that’s it’s not right for us to meet.. that she won’t bother texting me again. She told me that she’s already downstairs but had think twice of meeting me… telling me that she just wanted to say sorry for what she had done to me before. Blah. blah. blah. My instincts are right from the very start. Well, her saying sorry doesn’t matter. A hundred times it could be said. I told her everything is already over… I had forgiven and forgetten what had been.

I know beforehand that she’s not true. Everything about her isn’t. I bet she’s not here and if ever she’s here she won’t bother wasting time just to meet me and seek forgiveness. Seeing her would mean seeing the all the lies hidden in her very eyes. Meeting her would mean sensing the fears she continues to hide and  the insecurites which envelops her being.



  1. Rache said,

    April 23, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    Is this the same woman who was married to your ex and is very insecure? Wht does she keep bothering you? I hope it’s not her husband’s doing. Sometimes when a wife cannot feel secure it’s because the husband does not give her something to feel secure about. In turn, she locks on to you to take out her frustrations. Keep smiling. Know that you are a better person.

  2. czaroma said,

    April 24, 2007 at 3:04 am

    Hello Rache, thanks for dropping by!
    Yes, she’s the same woman. There are times when she keeps on sending me messages, sometimes using a different number. Sometimes she would be nice then she would accuse me of everything else. I don’t know why she can’t stop doing that. Maybe she can’t move on and forget everything that she had done to me. Maybe there’s still guilt on her part that she can’t find true peace inside. Maybe she’s not really secured with the relationship she have. I think she always needs reassurance that her husband loves her and no one else.
    And yes, I would always smile. Have a great day ahead!

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