Random What’s and Blahs

It took me quite some time to blog. Nothing much to do.
Been lurking around. Constantly surfing and surfing.
My mind keeps on dreaming. Wandering.
Creating fantasies and stories. Just there.
Out of track. Without a goal at hand.

Random Blahs, What’s and What Else?
+ indulge in ice cream
+ mom already have a Smart Broadband internet connection
+ husband’s company outing at Montemar
+ kuya’s pasalubong: Good Sheperd Ube (yummy!)
+ Alkaline (?) water at the office dispenser
+ tried other ways of going home (jeepney-MRT-jeepney-pedicab)
+ not feeling productive, everyday’s work is routinary
+ needing change, growth, opportunities
+ leave from work
+ a chance at a new enviromment
+ crossing my fingers, thinking twice
+ realizing I have no corporate outfit anymore
+ making digital scrapbooks and collages
+ wishing I had more time and resources
+ budgeting, payments, groceries
+ leaving just a few hundreds (or lesser) in my wallet
+ have to wait for payday, which is a few days more
+ how to have more money?
+ a new household help
+ hate the sun’s burning heat… hotness
+ now I’m getting darker
+ thankful for the aircon at the office and at home
+ been late 3 times already!
+ watching PBB2 lately, keeping myself updated
+ someone sending me lots of cellphone business cards
+ my phone is not compatible to receive those
+ it was Her “lang” pala! (gotcha! she’s not using her head)
+ not much really.


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