What’s On My Mind?

What’s on my Mind?

In my mind, I can create stories. I am fond of starting a story, ending it, with a lot of twists and chapters in between. In those stories, I make myself as the main character. Maybe it’s just my way of separating myself from reality. It’s the world that I had wanted and the person I had dreamed to be. Just mere fantasies. These are the stories which exists only in my mind and no where else. Stories that only me and my shadow knows. Maybe I would be a great story writer. But I guess I’m not. I’m not good at expressions, let alone play with words. It’s better if I leave those stories in my mind. I felt stunned when similar situations in my stories are happening to someone else’s. A chapter that I created is becoming real, though not for me. It makes me wonder and it made me asked, why? Is there such a thing? Hmmmm… maybe those are just coincidences.

May 14 Election day countdown: 4 days to go
Whew, and I have really wriiten those words! Possibly it stems from what I just heared from the radio a while ago. And at the same time, seeing all those posters and radio and TV campaign ads. Usually kids don’t mind watching political ads. But now, they could recall some of the candidates political jingles and ads. My children enjoys the commercial ads of the senatorial candidates- M.Villar, C.Escudero, E.Angara, P.Pichay, C.Montano, among others. People around me are starting to talk on whom they are going to vote. And I don’t have a stand. I am not politically involved.


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