Birthday Bash at Seaside

Our family had lunch in celebration of Jalysa’s 7th birhday at Seaside along Macapagal Blvd. I made a tarpaulin for her containing a hundred pictures and we also ordered a Winx Club cake for her. It was just a simple family celebration, but i’m sure that she was so surprised and so happy that day!

For me, this Seaside Dampa is far better than the other “dampas” here in Metro Manila, the original one is located in Paranaque. The first time I had my tastes of Dampa was way back year 2001, the time when I was still working at APPI. The other “dampas” are located in Libis and Ortigas, which  has a limited number of parking spaces, too crowded and has an awkward ambiance because of its location. Whereas this Seaside Macapagal is really beside the sea. You can have the choice to dine here in an airconditioned restaurant or in the open air space. This Dampa concept is where you buy the ingredients in the wet market and have it cooked. Or you could choose the “wet marketing style” where you won’t buy it yourself but you have to pay for additional fees, usually Php 100/food, but it also depends on what you ordered. We opt for the latter one. We ordered sinigang na hipon, buttered shrimps, tempura!!!, calamares and asparagus. We really indulge ourselves in eating shrimps! Even my kids enjoyed munching on those tempuras! Ang sarap talaga!

Whew… I’ve eaten so much! I’ve also gotten myself huge servings of the cake! How I love to eat cakes!…  So when will I start my diet?


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