[counting days]  
Nine more days left until I close my cycles. I’ve got more time at hand, like everyone else. Spending time freely to do whatever they choose to after doing their works… searching for jobs, surfing the Internet, playing games, watching season episodes and even engaging in beauty fixes. What extraordinary ways to spend working hours. And this is freedom. Things that are too far to see in any workplace. I have no idea where the company would be, I don’t know who does. But soon I’ll be bidding farewell…

I received another friend request at Friendster from her again. I replied back saying: “Friend request??? Such a big question! I am a person who’s always open to building true friendships. I don’t want to spend time thinking about reasons why you wanted this friendship… when deep inside your heart that’s not what you’re after, right? All are just pretentions. Don’t put more damage into what had been. better leave things as it is. If things can’t run smoothly, then don’t force it to. If it does, then much better. no blames…no expectations whatsoever… just put an end to this never ending senseless crap”.

Someone’s messing up my chikka account. I have been logged out three times today as someone had logged in using the same chikka id. The ip addresses belong to and Searching and finding out the location . Who would be doing that? Some people really doesn’t have anything to do with their lives but to mess up with other people’s lives!


Amazing Gold

Just having some fun.
I’m using a Motorola phone also. This quiz reflects what my KRZR style is.

Whirlwind of Emotions

Its Monday. The days starts to count itself. Reality unfolds that I am leaving this comfort zone. The place where I dismiss any emotional attachments. Putting myself in the shadows. Leaving and setting aside my true colors. Soon it would be over.

Loneliness perhaps would surface, but after a few minutes I know it would be gone. Nothing would matter anymore. No footprints will be left. Soon I would be adapting once more. Blending with a different set of personalities. Pressured. Excited. Nervous.

The words of my daughter brings such heartfelt happiness. Unexpectedly hearing from her, “mommy, happy mother’s day!” Telling her that it was father’s day, but still she continues giving me those words. Her words washed away the upset feeling I felt everytime she wasn’t in the mood to eat. Those very words from her is indeed true… unconditional love. Words that I would always keep in my heart.

Looking into myself I realized how I matured, though sometimes I just need to get to my senses. I stay away from situations that would make me too emotional, I am not after the negative dramas of life. Dramas doesn’t make my life colorful. I am contented with the way life is working for me now. But still, I am after betterment. Everyone needs money to spend, to live. Though richness doesn’t make a person really happy, it can’t buy love, it can’t bring peace of mind. Oftentimes, too much or lack of it  would create chaos, grudge and disappointments. I am after what the future would bring. The future of my family matters too much.  I still desire to be financially well-off. The yearning to fulfill dreams. The desire to support my family more.

Perhaps this quote would work for me in one way or another:

“In life, expect the unexpected. It’s wiser not to expect but to hope… for in expecting, we ask for for disappointments whereas in hoping we invite surprises.”

All About Freebies

The Best Things in Life is Free!
That’s my new blog. I decided to create my own freebies blog. I had started listing down freebies that is available worldwide.

As Senseless as She Is

I often wonder why she can’t stop texting me. Is there something in me that she can’t forgot? She always hides in someone else’s name and often changes number just to send me messages. She can talk to me if she wanted to, but I know she is too afraid to do that. Every messages are just are nothing but nonsense. Until now, she can’t move on with her life. She created in her world her own ghost. Why can’t she just live peacefully? She’s too preoccupied with the baggages in her past. Her messages doesn’t bother me at all. Messages which I heard a hundred times before. Sometimes I want her to use her head. She’s slipping and she can’t make me believe that she is someone else. She hated me too much. She hated me because she can’t be like me, no matter how much she wanted to. It’s true, I’m a million times better than her.

At the Crossroads

I might be torn between choosing where to be. A decision that would greatly affect my everyday life, my career and my future. I must decide well, carefully weighing each one. I am at the crossroads once more, afraid to take the wrong path. This time there is no turning back. I must consider:
+ the atmosphere
+ the working conditions
+ the location
+ the people
+ what do I really want to do?
+ what are the benefits ?
+ will there be growth?

I must overcome the fear of starting in July. Time to face the fears once more. But what’s with July?
First Job – the company begins with a letter A, I started working in July, left after 6 months
Second Job – the company begins with a letter A, I started working in July, left after 3 months
Third Job – this is different, I’m already in my 3rd year
What’s next – one offer is from the company that starts with the letter A (again!), I would probably start by mid July. The other company is different. Whewww! I don’t want to think more… maybe those are just coincidences.

The Best Things in Life is Free

I am fond of receving free gift items, trying out samples and getting freebies. Two weeks ago, my sister and I got a sample of Ponds Age Miracle Cream at the Ponds Miracle Lab when we were at SM Megamall. We just filled-up a form and afterwards the beauty advisor gave us a sample. I thought that she would just be giving a sachet sample trial back, but to our surprise she gave us the 30ml bottle! Isn’t that great?! There should be a free skin analysis, but unfortunately their machine isn’t working that time. I’ve used the cream already and I was thankful the results are good for me! It made my skin smooth and clear… it minimizes those fine lines… and I have this youthful glow! (hmmm, sounds like a commercial?!). The good thing is, we could purchase another bottle until July 31 and we’ll get to choose Ponds item for free. I’m thinking of making a purchase next month, hopefully I would be getting the Ponds eyecream. The 6 Ponds product line consists of the Makeup Remover, Facial Foam, Toner, Serum, Cream, Eye Cream.

I have been collecting freebies also. For years, I have been searching for freebies in the Internet, where you would just register and get a free gift. Though a lot of those freebies are available in the US and Canada only (lucky for them!). But then, I am still thankful I also got some freebies which are available internationally. Maybe some items got lost somewhere or perhaps the people from the post office got interested with the items that I was not able to get hold of it. Hmmm….

So here’s just some of those freebies I had received:
+ Bible
+ Shell Ferrari Stickers
+ Milk Matters coloring book
+ Nike workout DVD
+ a crocheted butterfly
+ anointing oil
+ Disney wedding DVD
+ bracelets
+ brochures
+ arm bands (3 different kinds already!)
+ religious publications (lots of them!)
+ a small pouch bag (which I picked up at the post office)
+ and a whole lot more!!!