[counting days]  
Nine more days left until I close my cycles. I’ve got more time at hand, like everyone else. Spending time freely to do whatever they choose to after doing their works… searching for jobs, surfing the Internet, playing games, watching season episodes and even engaging in beauty fixes. What extraordinary ways to spend working hours. And this is freedom. Things that are too far to see in any workplace. I have no idea where the company would be, I don’t know who does. But soon I’ll be bidding farewell…

I received another friend request at Friendster from her again. I replied back saying: “Friend request??? Such a big question! I am a person who’s always open to building true friendships. I don’t want to spend time thinking about reasons why you wanted this friendship… when deep inside your heart that’s not what you’re after, right? All are just pretentions. Don’t put more damage into what had been. better leave things as it is. If things can’t run smoothly, then don’t force it to. If it does, then much better. no blames…no expectations whatsoever… just put an end to this never ending senseless crap”.

Someone’s messing up my chikka account. I have been logged out three times today as someone had logged in using the same chikka id. The ip addresses belong to and Searching and finding out the location . Who would be doing that? Some people really doesn’t have anything to do with their lives but to mess up with other people’s lives!


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