Looking back

I went back to my previous company to claim my final pay. Also bought some garments as they are having a bazaar. I bought Dockers pants, Levis pants, Gap shorts and pants. And this is what I’m going to miss. I won’t be shedding out thousands of pesos for these items if I would be buying these at the stores. Luckily, I had the chance to buy these for only a hundred pesos.
And then I realize, I must have missed something else. Looking back at those years. I have to admit, I miss them… my friends.



Fourth day and I did not report for work. I was too disappointed to actually continue working. Never had I realized that I would actually be dismayed with what had transpired during the job offer and my employment contract. It had mislead me. A big question of integrity. A big decision for me to make. Thinking.

Closing Cycles

Closing Cycles.
Opening Doors.
Moving On.

Leaving behind people whom I’ve worked with for more than 3 years. Opening a new door. Accepting and welcoming the challenges that comes with it. Nothing is ever easy, but everything is really worthwhile. I hope it would be. Moving on while keeping on mind experiences I’ve gained. A step forward to my goal, though, being satistisfied on not aiming too high. Thinking that hoping is actually much better than expecting. More changes.

Spent the last day with the people whom I gained friendships with. Eating and watching Die Hard 4 at Trinoma (the newest mall in the country). Just a day to share our time with. It had been a good day for us.

Tomorrow is 07.07.07

Is this number lucky? I hope so! How ironic it would be when this lucky number marks my last day at CGI. Weird. Mixed emotions. How would that be?… But then, there’s no work tomorrow. It’s the start of the company’s forced Saturday leave. Anyway, we’ll be celebrating! It’s gonna be a triple celebration day for my friends in the IT-CPD department. It just coincides with the date 07-07-07. This would be my sort-of-despedida-treat, Cathy’s post-birthday-celebration, and Jason’s 1-year-company-anniversary.