Crashing into Friendster

Friend request from him? Haha. Funny… Shocked… Amazed… Bewildered… or whatever word could I call it?! Again, from him? Did he even searched for me? Anyway, it doesn’t matter. My college crush. The last guy whom I had a crush on. That was like, years ago. I could barely remember the feeling. Yet I’m sure, it was the time of my life when I would feel “kilig” upon the seeing him, catching glimpses, smiles, wishing and hoping to be with him, dreaming of him… and a lot more! Ohh.. that feeling! Remembrances of the years that had gone by. That feeling of having a crush on someone is really exciting. And I’m done with that point of my life already. Still, it’s one of the best feelings there is. Of course, I accepted the friend request with a smile on my face. Same with me, he’s already married. How good life had been… whew



  1. Romelette said,

    October 21, 2007 at 3:00 pm

    hi, got your blog through link referral. i had a hunch that you are also a filipino. the “kilig” word just told me that my instinct is correct.

    nice site!

  2. czaroma said,

    October 22, 2007 at 6:00 am

    hi there! yup filipina ako… thanks for dropping by my blog

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