This Matters to Me

Each day is becoming a drag. That I need to think and motivate myself that I need to do this. If I don’t nothing would happen. Most days are spent looking at how minutes had gone by, sometimes wondering why it haven’t moved a bit. Sometimes wishing that time would fly swiftly. And very often the thought that this is not what I wanted surfaces. Situations had put me down. I had constrained myself. It led me here. I was led into feeling this way. I never wanted to feel bitter about the way things had been. But I know it had been unfair. I wanted to wash away the negative feelings that comes along with it. Leading me nowhere. Now I still have to face and accept what is about to take place. It would be hard as I know I should be deserving that and it was taken away from me. Still, I continue to breathe… being strong that I would keep up and finish this fight. I might have chosen the wrong path. But then I knew time would come that I could be on a smoother road. It might seem to far, but what is important is that I would get there somehow. Hopefully I will.


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