Skylah at Moms Today Magazine

Skylah at Moms Today

Skylah’s picture appeared on the Precious Moments section of Moms Today! Wow!!! This is one part of the joys of being a mom! Seeing my daughter’s pic in the magazine makes me so proud and so happy.

I’ve also claimed her price at the magazine’s office at Makati. Though, the Ceelin gift pack wasn’t available at that time, it was still fine with me. At least, my daughter felt so happy seeing herself at  the magazine and getting a small token as well. She was so happy and kept on letting everyone see her pic on the magazine! It was her first magazine appearance and the whole family shares the joy…

So maybe I’ll keep on sending more pictures in other magazines… hmmm, am I becoming a stage mom?…  


Loving These

I simply love spending hours creating designs from photos most especially my kids. Though I have to admit, others are way better than I am. Still, I continue doing that because it gives me a sense of satisfaction. How I wish I had been a good designer instead.

I simply love spending hours surfing and surfing the Internet, getting to read articles from different sites. It amazes me how some people could create a very great website. How I wish I could be able to do that.

I love spending time with my family. It gives me the reason to live. Realizing that I have with me my treasures. Life might not be that good, but whenever I am with them, it makes my life the best.

Time Spent

A day not spent in working. Initially, I had envisioned to prove myself. But then, all that changes. My mind was set to thinking that this is not worth pursuing. And I succumb to search for more better opportunities. And this time, I would be more smart enough to know the differences. I never wanted to spend much time thinking I had not made the right move. I think it is much better if I would concentrate on things that would make it all positive. After all, it wasn’t doomed. I wasn’t headed and I won’t head that way.

Just a Minute

I just realize for a minute that my action is a reflection mostly of what I think. It’s my mind that gives control to everything including how I feel and how I will act. If I would allow it to grow, then surely everything else would follow.


It seems like I haven’t been online for quite a while. I missed the days when I could surf the Internet anytime I wanted to. Now, I could only spend less than 10 minutes checking my emails. How I wanted to be online for more hours.

Checking on Friendster. It seems like she’s been looking at my profile everyday. I had installed a code that would notify me whenever someone gets to view my profile. And so there! Everyday, a lot of those notifications are from her. Well, I just let it be. I could remain unmidful of her need to be a reflection of me. She’s been writing words, expressing it the way I expressed them… following every style I’ve got. I could say to myself that I had been her inspiration. I had been her sort-of challenge to prove to herself that she’s way better than me. It’s her own competition anyway.

Just one of these days when I need to breathe a sigh…