It seems like I haven’t been online for quite a while. I missed the days when I could surf the Internet anytime I wanted to. Now, I could only spend less than 10 minutes checking my emails. How I wanted to be online for more hours.

Checking on Friendster. It seems like she’s been looking at my profile everyday. I had installed a code that would notify me whenever someone gets to view my profile. And so there! Everyday, a lot of those notifications are from her. Well, I just let it be. I could remain unmidful of her need to be a reflection of me. She’s been writing words, expressing it the way I expressed them… following every style I’ve got. I could say to myself that I had been her inspiration. I had been her sort-of challenge to prove to herself that she’s way better than me. It’s her own competition anyway.

Just one of these days when I need to breathe a sigh…


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