Styles and Beyond

This is my newest venture! 
I used to love browsing at online personal shops. I really haven’t tried selling items before, and now I’m trying selling online. My sister insprired me to do this. Hopefully I would succeed in this venture and earn in my free time.

Check out my site at Styles and Beyond!


What’s My Province?

Whenever I got the chance to meet new people or got a chance to talk with people who barely new me, the conversation would go like this:

Them : Saan ang province mo?
Me : Wala akong province. Ikaw?

or in some ways…

Them : Taga- Bataan, Laguna, Cavite (or any other province) ka ba?
Me : No. Manila lang ako.

My family doesn’t have a province. Mama grew up here in Manila, Papa grew up in Taytay, Rizal which is just an hour and a half drive from here. I was born and I grew up here in Manila. Stayed here for more than 27 years. My husband’s family hails from Pampanga, but he didn’t grew up in that place.

I have never experienced living or staying in a province. That oftentimes I wonder what its really like. I just learned through experiences of people who have spent a few years of their life in provinces and some stories are from people who goes on vacation in their provinces. This is the kind of life that I had somehow missed.

The Glorietta Friday Blast

Thank God It’s Friday! This day had been a chikka day for me… thanks to the free text messaging from chikka. I kept in touch with former officemates (friends)… got to know where they are working now, their angst and  the little things that’s going on with their lives. It simply felt so good…

But then, at around 1:30 pm, my co-officemate informed who’s chatting at YM, told me that there was a “blast” at Glorietta. Then there are more text messages from people I knew. A friend asked me what was it all about. Initially, we’ve heard that it is because of the LPG tank. Later on, the bomb blast circulates. Later in the office, we’ve seen the pictures created by that blast. The impact was truly great, seems like destroying the Glorietta building. In the evening, the news covers it all. The latest update I’ve read from GMANews.TV was that a C-4 bomb component was used.

This is a tragedy. This seems like a terror attack. But then, there a lot of speculations. But whatever it is, a lot of people had been wounded… and I pity those who lost their lives. In deep sympathy for what had happened…

I’ve been at Glorietta 2 weeks ago with my kids. I’ve been thankful that we’re not around the area when this tragedy hits. It would be a very traumatic experience. My 3 year old daughter even said, “mommy meron bomba dun sa playground!”… in her innocence.


I’ve been searching, trying to find and start another one. Been spending lesser days at work. It had been tiring, though I know it would eventually paid-off.

One experience proved to be worthwhile. It had been a series of battles and tests. I had somewhat lost hope in the initial stage though I admit it was just easy. All I have to do is to analyze and explain certain questions. I thought Ihave blewn my chances, but I was wrong. I went through all the process, up until the last stage. I remembered the initial stage where one person had somehow brought me much luck. Just the words “Goodluck… I’ll see you” had been more powerful. And indeed, I was back and I kept hanging on until the end. I have not been chosen, but then I learned and I grew from that experience.