My Sweet November

The month of November had left so swiftly. Those 30 days had made me occupied with a lot of different possibilities I had never thought of exploring.

[My Online Shop]
This is one thing that I enjoy doing for the meantime. I had a good start, my timing was right perhaps. The time when people had money to spent. Everyday I am looking forward to receving and processing orders from clients. I had shipped items up to Mindanao area already! Doing this makes me feel good… and of course, I had some money to spend. Hoping and hoping that these little success would continue!

[A Real Estate Seminar]
For 2 days, I’ve spent listening and taking part in  a real estate seminar. Selling houses, condominiums is something I had not thought of doing. I am not born to do sales talk! I am more inclined into buying for myself and my family. Nevertheless, those 2 days was not wasted. I am thankful I’ve learned. And with much hope, that someday, owning our own house won’t be far-fetched.

+ after shopping for gifts, casually talking about money and bills to pay,

He said: sana pala naghintay ka hanggang december
I said: wala ng sana. tapos na yun.

This is much better. The past had given experiences to be thankful for. Decisions I’ve made without regrets…

+ after visiting MIL with the kids,

He said: sabi nila, payat ka daw pag wla ka sa office
I laughed!

I didn’t realize I am losing weight…and I am getting sexier! hehe

[Thoughts… Others…and more]
+ For the still bitter and jealous girl
Thank you for trying to order at my online shop. Funny, how until now, you are still surrounded by much bitterness. I could sense extreme jealousy building in you again now that you’ve known that I have an online business. I know why you keep on inviting me to be in your network, then later on deleting me in your list. I know why you would chat with me, send me messages, then later on, you would block me. I don’t care what you would do. I am just praying that you’ll move on. Jealousy would get you nowhere.

+ For those 2 once-had-been a part of me
To him: remember you once more in a dream… that for a mnute i wonder how are you. but the memories that once i had is slowly drifting away. what was left was just your name and nothing else.

And him: learning about the upcoming wed. you might not know and you may never know, but I am wishing you both good wishes! it’s really meant to be!

This had been my Sweet November blog… so swiftly it had passed by. I might have missed Friendster, blogging and scraps, but these  30 days have all been worthwhile, worth remembering and worth living!

Goodbye November, let me now welcome and look forward to December…