So Here Goes… My What’s & What Else

Remembering in brief what had been…

[Saying Goodbye]
It’s time to say goodbye to someone who had been with us for a year. Yes, she had been a good help to our family. I am somehow grateful for her for taking good care of my kids… for teaching my kids, even for just simple little things. It’s the time that my kids had said goodbye to their yaya… We just wished her well…

[About Love]
LOVE… I love to love and I always wanted to be loved! I believe, everyone else does! I had my own share of love stories… experiences when it come to loving and falling in love! Though sometimes, loving someone is a risk. You risk falling in love… tears, pain and hurt comes along with it. You never knew if the love would last. But then, you continue loving the person inspite of all these.

Two different incidences were shared by husband & other one was shared to me:
+ a married guy with kids who had huge arguments with his wife… almost like in search for someone else… then realizing in the end how much he still values his family. (good thing!).
+ a relationship for more than 10 years, but who’s now about to fall apart… the guy chooses to fulfill a need, financially clinging to another woman… the other woman desiring to marry the guy and break the 10-year-relationship.

Whewww! I could not say much more… just hoping that everything else would turn out smoother for them. It might not be now… hoping in time it will.

Crying eases my pain
When words could not be heard
When there’s too much hurt
When it seems unfair…
I just let tears fall
Hope. Pray. Sigh.
It would be better.


My Super Late Posts

I had been very busy… with taking care of my kids, being interviewed for a possible work opportunity, with selling items online, keeping inn touch with friends… and a lot more! Whew! But nevertheless, I am feeling that each day is worth it and definitely worth looking forward to. I am not stressed out, though sometimes I could feel I am. There are struggles, pains… though it doesn’t count that much.

And I so wanted to write every little thing in detail. Everything that is still fresh in my mind. Everything else that I could remember… all feelings and thoughts, experiences…
Maybe I could just write in brief… for I know one of these days, I’ll read back my posts & I’ll be more appreciative with what I am and with what I am having right now.