Hearts Day

Flowers. Chocolates. Love. Kisses.

Red is everywhere! A lot of people looks forward to this day. Some search for the perfect gift… others the perfect place to spend the day with. But then, some doesn’t care at all… perhaps saying, “what’s the big deal?… or “Valentine’s day is so corny”… well, whatever!

I am a cross between loving this day and just saying that this is just an ordinary day. Still, I smile when I see people carrying bouquets of flowers, when people spend this day with the one that they love. It just proves that love is so powerful!

Anyway, happy hearts day!


Anything Goes

Freeverse. Just short words… perhaps meaningless.

So often I am asking myself…
What am I gonna wear?
What am I gonna do?
What am I going to say?

And I admit, I am still shy…. whew!
So I smile.

I love chocolates
I love this feeling

Looking forward somehow…
maybe an inspiration

Taking caution.
Stepping on the brake!
Reaching full stop!
Mind is shouting!
Much better…
Concentrate. Focus on the goal.
Ditch the other side of my thoughts

It should not be!

Our Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to my baby boy! He’s now 2 years old! Oh… how time flies so fast!

Brents’ Magazine Appearances

Jan-Feb Issue, Leap Year LimelightBaby Gallery, Feb 2008

Brent have two magazine appearances this month of February… just in time for his birthday! I’ve submitted the same picture to 2 different magazines and I’m so glad it got published! This is also a gift for him. somehow! And we are all so happy seeing his cuteness in the mag!

The first one is from Smart Parenting magazine, where he appeared in the Leap Year LImelight section – the magazine’s portion for birthday celebrators. The other magazine appearance is from Baby Mag, and he appeared in the Baby Gallery section.

Take Five!

It’s now take 5 for me! Another experience, opportunity and learnings. Another new start… 

How I feel right now? I am challenged and excited at the same time…

I am choosing between riding the MRT or taking a bus. When riding the MRT would be much faster, but then I have to bear with the long walk. Whew! It would make me catch my breath… and by the time I’ll be there, I’ll be sweating ang panting perhaps. Not a good idea though. But then, I am not used to taking the bus! I am not really fond of riding buses whether with a  companion. I don’t know why? Maybe it’s the thought of the bus moving while people are still standing trying to find a seat… and the thought of the bus not stopping when I need to drop off.

Would the long hours make my head ache? I hope it won’t… but it is much better than just having 1 day to spend with the family.

Hopes. Goals.
That time would be in my hands.
That this would be a great place.
That life and everything else would be good to me.
That I won’t long for another take.
That this time… I would be moving forward!