Take Five!

It’s now take 5 for me! Another experience, opportunity and learnings. Another new start… 

How I feel right now? I am challenged and excited at the same time…

I am choosing between riding the MRT or taking a bus. When riding the MRT would be much faster, but then I have to bear with the long walk. Whew! It would make me catch my breath… and by the time I’ll be there, I’ll be sweating ang panting perhaps. Not a good idea though. But then, I am not used to taking the bus! I am not really fond of riding buses whether with a  companion. I don’t know why? Maybe it’s the thought of the bus moving while people are still standing trying to find a seat… and the thought of the bus not stopping when I need to drop off.

Would the long hours make my head ache? I hope it won’t… but it is much better than just having 1 day to spend with the family.

Hopes. Goals.
That time would be in my hands.
That this would be a great place.
That life and everything else would be good to me.
That I won’t long for another take.
That this time… I would be moving forward!

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