In His Loving Memory

Thank you Lord for giving him to us.
I would always remember him.
His memory won’t be forgotten.

This online memorial site is for him.



  1. January 3, 2009 at 6:48 am

    […] Daddy Lolo passed away […]

  2. MOR said,

    August 12, 2010 at 4:14 am

    Remembering Daddy on his 90thBirthday

    It’s your 90th Birthday!!!
    (had you not left us for your place in heaven)

    Thinking of you today,
    As I log on my computer
    Browsing the site dedicated ( )solely to remember you.
    And trying to pretend I am okay,

    Had you not left us for your heavenly place,
    I would be still be hearing your great sense of wisdom….
    “It is difficult to understand and
    totally hard enough to remember opinions,
    without also remembering the reasons for them”

    Remembering, remembering the dear face of a man,
    Whom I deeply loved and knew as my “Father”
    Feeling a deep surge of gratitude
    And an invaluable sense of ‘inheritance’ transmitted
    Empowering me again and again with your strength and wisdom
    Reminding me of your super dynamic energy and drive.

    Your unending capacity to reach out and enfold us all,
    Your guiding hand upon our shoulders,
    Your firm clasp tirelessly and continually reaching out to us,
    Forever etched in our minds and hearts.

    A man of so many blah blah ??? words,
    But with many unspoken deeds.

    Our Daddy, Oh so fondly remembered
    Having lived fully and shared beyond what is expected of him.
    For all these and much more, we’re grateful.

    We thank You, dearest Daddy
    For having led the way for us,
    Being the source of our strength and guide
    Teaching us to stand without fear of continuously falling, failing, whatever,
    Placing each of us on your shoulders
    Helping us to grab a star each time.

    You have done us proud Daddy

    Remembering you today Daddy
    Gives me power to the present!!
    Striving to make you proud of us all.

  3. rellie said,

    August 13, 2012 at 2:24 am

    12 August 2012

    A Short Note to Daddy

    Daddy would have been 92 if he is with us today.
    Missing you still but memories of you and our moments still lingers in our hearts.

    Thinking of you today Daddy is nothing new.
    I thought about you yesterday,
    and the day before that too,
    I’ll think about you tomorrow,
    and as the years come and go
    I’ll think about you forever,
    because I loved you so.

    For us here, we still miss your smile, your kindly ways,
    With you we spent some happy days;
    We’ll miss you when we need a friend,
    On you we always could depend.

    If only you are here today
    we would be sharing happy moments
    At you favorite Max’s restaurant

    But then this to you we could say,
    God bless you, Daddy, on your birthday

    And with our sincere prayers..

    Dear Lord up above, give Daddy our love
    Hug him and kiss him and tell him we love
    Him and that we are always thinking of him.

    I thank you Lord for this most amazing day,
    for the leaping greenly spirits of trees,
    and for the blue dream of sky
    and for everything which is natural,
    which is infinite, which is yes.”

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