In Heaven Now

We all cried and felt the pain of losing you.
You have done your part and now it’s time to finally bid you goodbye.
We are leaving you at peace to follow the path
In Heaven, we know you are there.
In our hearts you will always remain.

Daddy Lolo got cremated today at the Chinese Crematorium. This is the first time that our family witnessed a cremation. At first, I could feel that somehow there’s a small dose of fear about the cremation ways. But then, after almost 3 hours of waiting outside the cremation place, all of us felt more relieved. It seems like the pain and sadness of losing him slowly fades as he is being cremated. We all felt that he is still with us. It brings a different feeling knowing that we bring back with us his remains, unlike the usual burial way where the person will be left underground.

I looked up and saw a bright light shining from up above. I know Daddy is happy where he is now.


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