Stressful March

Whewww! As far as I wanted to lay back and just relax… I have no means to.

Got office works waiting to be done.
Thinking that I have just started… then being absent.
It’s just stressful.
For weeks that “my-daddy- lolo” stayed in the hospital.
Just got a few last moments with him.
Wishing I could spend more time.
Felt the pain, too much loss.
Stressed was even more… then, much greater.
Kids to take care of… to spend time with.
Time to move on…
Pack everything, then unpack, clean, re-arrangements.
Not yet done with this.
Still feeling burned out!

March had been so stressful for me and for the whole family! Sleepless nights, overpowering emotions, pains, loss… coupled with moving on to a new home. I am totally burned-out! Yet I know and hopefully sooner, I could just breath and enjoy!


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