Time and Differences

Finally I am thankful! I’ve got the chance to sit at home in front of the PC, read my emails, check my Friendster account, answer inquiries from my online business which I had already neglected and find time to have some serene moments.

Just 2 things I had learned this week:  
+ Enjoyed the photoshoot for ID… somehow
I could say that working in the company I am with is simply cool. Laid-back, but still, full of drive and passion. This is the first time I’ve heard and seen a photoshoot for an ID which should not be the so-typical ID picture. Isn’t it cool when you have to be photographed in a studio, then you have to strike a pose, face the came and project! Different shots and it’s really enjoyable! Everyone else does!!! 
+ Presented and handled a meeting… partly
Maybe I’m just used to attending meetings wherein I would just sit, listen, prepare meetings, participate slightly in the discussion… Now I’ve experienced, calling one and almost like, presiding it! It was like— Oh my, it’s not me I can’t do that!— But it’s there, I have to face it, dish the fears… and it’s done! Though I know I’ve got lots of improvements to be done!

It’s also noteworthy to blog about the Earth Hour 2008. Learning that everyone could take part and make a stand against global warming. It’s about turning off lights for an hour on March 29 at 8 pm. What a big difference this could really make!


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