Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

… and it’s all small stuff! The book author, Richard Carlson, teaches some ways on how to cope and calm down when we are faced with the struggles or stresses in life.

I’ve browsed through the pages of this book years ago, when life for me was just as simple as waking up-go to school-hang out with friends-eat-sleep-have fun. I was just browsing the pages of the book that time, and keeping myself busy with reading. It’s the time when all I care about is myself! Little did I realize that I would be living this so-called motto… “don’t sweat the small stuff!”. But then I’m really glad those thoughts lived in my mind and I made it live in my life! I really agree and there are things in life that aren’t too much a big deal. Sometimes I can’t help but really wonder why some people fuss over simple things when they shouldn’t.

And just the title of the book helped me. I often hear people say that they see me as someone who doesn’t have a problem! Me??? Of course, I have problems… Or maybe, I just don’t perceive it as a problem. I worry to much, I think about a lot! But hten, I just know how not to let the whole world know about it. Maybe I still keep with me the mask I always cover myself with. Being like a great pretender!… Well, well, maybe it’s because I could still smile amidst all those things and situations that I am facing. Reasons why people keeps on pestering me and trying to push my limits.    

And it is so flattering also when people can’t believe that I am married and that I already have 2 cute kids! Thank you and I smile at them, knowingly…

Right,  if I have time, I’ll read this book all over again… and this time, I would not just browse the pages but the lessons in my heart. Life is really not easy to live with. People are not really that easy to deal with. And I still have a long way to go… I need a lot of power to keep me going!


Fun Ranch!

My kids really had fun at Fun Ranch!

Me and the hubby decided to treat the kids at Fun Ranch! It’s our first time to visit Tiendesitas also. Good thing, the place is just a few minutes away from where we live, and thankful also that we didn’t got caught in traffic. We had a hard time choosing between Active Fun and the Ark Avilon Zoo. So it’s a compromise that we would first let the kids enjoy playing at Active Fun and come back for the Ark Avilon adventure! Sounds really great!!!

I love to see my kids enjoy playing. Active Fun is a big play center designed for kids and there’s no much worries about their safety. There’s a soft area for toddlers below 5 years old and a bigger section for kids above five. Both my kids played more time in the soft area, running around, jumping, playing… and I know they wanted to explore the other section.

True, it’s a place where kids rule! Well, maybe this sounds like the Kzone magazine slogan?! Anyway, my kids loved the place and they enjoyed every single moment at Fun Ranch.  Of course, we also do!  

Part Time or Full Time?

Will I ever hate or be fond of  the idea of Time Management?

It makes me think and realize the time I have been spending 24 hours a day. It seems that time is never enough… it flies so fast! I could not seem to catch up on it… let alone spend full time in one situation and another. I so often wanted to spend much time with my kids… more time at work… a bit of my time catching up with other family members and friends. And it leaves me with no time to be with myself. But it feels good somehow to spend time with all these! Though, time is very limited and I just have to make the most out of every single moment.

As the popular saying goes, “Time is Gold”… it is indeed!

In God’s Time

This is the first month that my Daddy Lolo had been in the Lord’s embrace. I smile when I rememeber him and I just wonder how he. We missed him still…   

And also, I was appalled upon reading the 2 messages from my cellphone’s inbox. I’ve got the  same message from 2 different people, telling me about the death of a loved one. First was mama’s message telling me that Tita  passed away. She is the sister of my lola (from my papa’s side) and I remember her for all those clothes she made during our younger years. Thank you for that! I know that you are ok now and all those worries and pains are all gone. The other text came from “her” (my so-called friend). She told me that her father-in-law passed away already. So I just replied back saying my condolences. Well, I knew him during those times I was still with his son… years back.

And I prayed for their souls and for the loved ones they had left. I knew the feeling of losing a loved one and I know God will always be there to give them comfort.

Challenges and Being Nice

There are times when l just want to shout back at people and scream my hearts out! But, that’s not me and I am not used to being so vocal about what I think and what I really feel.

Silent shouts, feelings for my blog to hear & to listen to: 
” … and I have no idea… what’s with the S*** word?! ”
” … you’ve been doing it for years, why change the way when the change would just affect the way i do things?!…   was it always have to make things my fault?!”
“… so there, I felt so stupid. That’s the way how I make it… and now I am wrong?!”

Sometimes, incidences and people would make me feel so dismayed. I don’t know if they are just putting me into a test or challenging my capabilities! But I hate  it when people starts to blame me for things that I have no idea about… when they say to the whole world what my fault is! It’s very disappointing how some people could be so cruel and be so insensitive! Though I admit I am really challenged and I am not that strong… but I will keep on fighting!

Or maybe I am just being so nice… again?!  

New 7 Wonders of the World

I’ve come across this site where you get to vote for the New 7 Wonders of the World! Isn’t that great?! People all over the world would decide what the results would be! It’s so fantastic to see, through the photo gallery, how marvelous our world is. I love the tag line from the site which reads… “You have one voice, but seven votes”.

I joined and I voted!
Of course, I’ve voted for 3 nominees from the Philippines – the Chocolate HIlls in Bohol, the Mayon Volcano in Albay, the Tubbataha Reef in Palawan- and 4 more nominees from other places. Hmmm, am I being bias? Well… it’s because I love where I am! Though I haven’t been there yet, I am definitely sure that those 3 places are really fantastic! Honestly, it’s really hard to choose from all those great places and I wished I had more votes! And I wish I could travel all over and see all those places… well, well, well…

Anyway, voting for the nominees would be until December 2008, and in the summer of 2010, the New 7 Wonders of the World will be declared. I’m gonna look forward to that!