Challenges and Being Nice

There are times when l just want to shout back at people and scream my hearts out! But, that’s not me and I am not used to being so vocal about what I think and what I really feel.

Silent shouts, feelings for my blog to hear & to listen to: 
” … and I have no idea… what’s with the S*** word?! ”
” … you’ve been doing it for years, why change the way when the change would just affect the way i do things?!…   was it always have to make things my fault?!”
“… so there, I felt so stupid. That’s the way how I make it… and now I am wrong?!”

Sometimes, incidences and people would make me feel so dismayed. I don’t know if they are just putting me into a test or challenging my capabilities! But I hate  it when people starts to blame me for things that I have no idea about… when they say to the whole world what my fault is! It’s very disappointing how some people could be so cruel and be so insensitive! Though I admit I am really challenged and I am not that strong… but I will keep on fighting!

Or maybe I am just being so nice… again?!  


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