In God’s Time

This is the first month that my Daddy Lolo had been in the Lord’s embrace. I smile when I rememeber him and I just wonder how he. We missed him still…   

And also, I was appalled upon reading the 2 messages from my cellphone’s inbox. I’ve got the  same message from 2 different people, telling me about the death of a loved one. First was mama’s message telling me that Tita  passed away. She is the sister of my lola (from my papa’s side) and I remember her for all those clothes she made during our younger years. Thank you for that! I know that you are ok now and all those worries and pains are all gone. The other text came from “her” (my so-called friend). She told me that her father-in-law passed away already. So I just replied back saying my condolences. Well, I knew him during those times I was still with his son… years back.

And I prayed for their souls and for the loved ones they had left. I knew the feeling of losing a loved one and I know God will always be there to give them comfort.


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