Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

… and it’s all small stuff! The book author, Richard Carlson, teaches some ways on how to cope and calm down when we are faced with the struggles or stresses in life.

I’ve browsed through the pages of this book years ago, when life for me was just as simple as waking up-go to school-hang out with friends-eat-sleep-have fun. I was just browsing the pages of the book that time, and keeping myself busy with reading. It’s the time when all I care about is myself! Little did I realize that I would be living this so-called motto… “don’t sweat the small stuff!”. But then I’m really glad those thoughts lived in my mind and I made it live in my life! I really agree and there are things in life that aren’t too much a big deal. Sometimes I can’t help but really wonder why some people fuss over simple things when they shouldn’t.

And just the title of the book helped me. I often hear people say that they see me as someone who doesn’t have a problem! Me??? Of course, I have problems… Or maybe, I just don’t perceive it as a problem. I worry to much, I think about a lot! But hten, I just know how not to let the whole world know about it. Maybe I still keep with me the mask I always cover myself with. Being like a great pretender!… Well, well, maybe it’s because I could still smile amidst all those things and situations that I am facing. Reasons why people keeps on pestering me and trying to push my limits.    

And it is so flattering also when people can’t believe that I am married and that I already have 2 cute kids! Thank you and I smile at them, knowingly…

Right,  if I have time, I’ll read this book all over again… and this time, I would not just browse the pages but the lessons in my heart. Life is really not easy to live with. People are not really that easy to deal with. And I still have a long way to go… I need a lot of power to keep me going!


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