Diaper Cake!

I was thinking of a gift that we would buy for Clay, and the idea of making a diaper cake came to my mind. Hmmm, it sounds cool! I surfed the net for some samples of diaper cakes and I was amazed at how great those cakes looked! A lot of them really looked like real cakes. There are single layers, 2-tiers and 3-tiers. And there is also such thing as a towel-cake, where instead of using diapers, the cake makes use of a towel. So there, I am certainly sure that I would be baking my first diaper cake! hehehe…

I bought L size diapers, a Mickey Mouse bottle, 3 sandos, a Mickey Mouse teether, bib and small towel. I also bought a circle puzzle for the cake base, ribbons, paper wrapper and cellophane. And  here’s my first baked diaper cake —

My cake might not be perfectly made, but it is made with love… and I enjoyed doing it! My hubby also does!  


Clay’s Baptism

My kuya’s second child will be Christened on the 18th. Here’s the invitation, the tarpaulin and the magnet (which will be an additional souvenir) that I made for him:

And I’ll be one of the ninang! Wow, another addition to my inaaanak. Counting, I now have 7 inaanaks: Austin (my cousins’ son), Bianca (my cousins’ daughter), Fiona (my friend’s daughter), Russel (my sister’s son), Sean (my cousins’ son), CJ (my friend’s son) and of course, Clay!  

Best Picture


If I would be choosing just one picture to keep with me, this would be it. I really love this picture of me with my two kids! This picture was taken while we are at La Mesa Ecopark last year. This is one sweet moment that we will always treasure. Even just sitting with the kids felt so special.

I even submitted this picture in one local magazine and they included it in one of their articles. Great isn’t it?! And now, we have submitted it at Getzmo’s Mom’s Terrific Love Photo Contest! We might have a chance at grabbing a price. But if not, this picture still bags the Best Picture award!

Mother’s Day Joy Ride

It’s Mother’s Day today! Greetings for me and for all mother’s everywhere!

The family waked up early to visit and surprise Nanay (Papa’s mom) who’s having a vacation at Pila, Laguna. It was a 3 hours ride away from our place. I could not believe how far the place was. But then, it was still a good ride. Before reaching the place we’ve already bought some kesong puti (love this!), honey, and pineapple. We even dine at a restaurant in the “bayan”, and what’s great about is the bakery which sells the so-called “tupipay” (shortened form of tupi and tinapay).

Unfortunately, Nanay wasn’t there when we arrived. She was out with the other relatives whom I haven’t seen and known yet. Ohhhh. We just left and leave our pasalubongs for her. So we just returned back and this time taking the Los Banos road, where we bought buko pies and a lot more!

It was just joy ride for the family… tiring, but then nothing could ever beat the time being spent together with the kids.

And of course, I was appreciative for the messages and greetings other people had given me…
I am a Mom and I love being one!

A Crashed Life

A crashed hard drive! We don’t have a backup!

Hello doomsday! Our 80 G hard drive crashed, the 40 G hard drive got formatted accidentally. It’s like – all our pictures, very important personal files, my scrap kits, and a lot more- are gone! The hubby said, don’t worry we’ll just make backup files next time. But what about those lost? Isn’t there a way to recover those files or something?… Can’t just say, “it’s ok, files lang yun!”  But what about all those pictures, all the pictures of my kids growing up years was there, all the places & little sweet moments! We haven’t printed it yet!… And what about all my reference materials, all my personal files, my projects and my files to treasure! Everything else was gone!

I am so disappointed.
Seems like my PC was stolen or got caught in fire,
Seems like death, only lighter.
A part of me is in those files.
And I am paralyzed.
I cried for the lost, for what I could never have back.
It left me without nothing else left to do.
In the swift of a moment,
It was all gone…

What’s on TV?

I haven’t watched TV these days or should I say, for more than a month? After moving in a new home, it seems the TV is not part of our lives anymore. Even the kids don’t! The TV had become a stagnant appliance in our living room and in our bedroom. It’s just being opened for about 30 minutes in the morning for the “Unang Hirit”… though watching it is very limited. We just want a morning sound that would keep us going through the day. I haven’t even seen latest Jollibee commercial – Mahal tayo ni Jollibee! – and Mcdonald’s “Pa cheeseburger ka naman!” which I kept on hearing everywhere!  

Before, my kids are always glued on TV, from waking up until the last minute of the day! It was always Disney Channel or Nick Jr. Then at night, the family watches Kamandag or Marimar. Sundays would mean watching ASAP or SOP.

Now, what’s keeping us occupied?
[Me] — who has very limited time makes use of my time catching up with the kids, a few minutes updating my customers inquiries, scrapping or just surfing. 
[The Kids] — would either play and ride their bikes or watch a video on YouTube! My daughter and my sister is into the High School Musical videos and my 2-year old son is into Ben 10, Spongebob or the Work video from High School Musical.
[Mama, Sis, Hubby] — is always glued into the computer! It would either be Skype, YM, clients, oDesk, Multiply, Limewire, Torrent, updating, games, business and a lot more!!!    

And  I wonder now what’s on TV? What’s the latest news? What shows should I look forward to?… Which has better shows nowadays- the Kapuso channel or the Kapamilya? 

Freebie Love

I happen to love and enjoy freebies! Freebies are very limited. True, the best things in life are free! It seems like just getting one is a good thing. The latest freebie I’ve got is an 8g sample of Oil of Olay… and it comes with a Php 100 gift voucher which is valid until December.  What I did was just visit the Olay site and register. Then I received a notification thru SMS and there, I just claimed my free Olay!…

Most of the freebies I’ve received was sent thru international parcels. It’s just so amazing to got freebies here in my own country. Aside from those samples people are giving away in the groceries and supermarkets, I had received a free sample from Ponds and a Coffeemate challenge kit months ago. Though I hope there’ll be more…

Well, simple things in life just makes me feel happy…