Freebie Love

I happen to love and enjoy freebies! Freebies are very limited. True, the best things in life are free! It seems like just getting one is a good thing. The latest freebie I’ve got is an 8g sample of Oil of Olay… and it comes with a Php 100 gift voucher which is valid until December.  What I did was just visit the Olay site and register. Then I received a notification thru SMS and there, I just claimed my free Olay!…

Most of the freebies I’ve received was sent thru international parcels. It’s just so amazing to got freebies here in my own country. Aside from those samples people are giving away in the groceries and supermarkets, I had received a free sample from Ponds and a Coffeemate challenge kit months ago. Though I hope there’ll be more…

Well, simple things in life just makes me feel happy…


1 Comment

  1. May 2, 2008 at 5:20 am

    Wow! free Olay I want lol! I use Olay, nothing can replace Olay but Olay!

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