What’s on TV?

I haven’t watched TV these days or should I say, for more than a month? After moving in a new home, it seems the TV is not part of our lives anymore. Even the kids don’t! The TV had become a stagnant appliance in our living room and in our bedroom. It’s just being opened for about 30 minutes in the morning for the “Unang Hirit”… though watching it is very limited. We just want a morning sound that would keep us going through the day. I haven’t even seen latest Jollibee commercial – Mahal tayo ni Jollibee! – and Mcdonald’s “Pa cheeseburger ka naman!” which I kept on hearing everywhere!  

Before, my kids are always glued on TV, from waking up until the last minute of the day! It was always Disney Channel or Nick Jr. Then at night, the family watches Kamandag or Marimar. Sundays would mean watching ASAP or SOP.

Now, what’s keeping us occupied?
[Me] — who has very limited time makes use of my time catching up with the kids, a few minutes updating my customers inquiries, scrapping or just surfing. 
[The Kids] — would either play and ride their bikes or watch a video on YouTube! My daughter and my sister is into the High School Musical videos and my 2-year old son is into Ben 10, Spongebob or the Work video from High School Musical.
[Mama, Sis, Hubby] — is always glued into the computer! It would either be Skype, YM, clients, oDesk, Multiply, Limewire, Torrent, updating, games, business and a lot more!!!    

And  I wonder now what’s on TV? What’s the latest news? What shows should I look forward to?… Which has better shows nowadays- the Kapuso channel or the Kapamilya? 


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