A Crashed Life

A crashed hard drive! We don’t have a backup!

Hello doomsday! Our 80 G hard drive crashed, the 40 G hard drive got formatted accidentally. It’s like – all our pictures, very important personal files, my scrap kits, and a lot more- are gone! The hubby said, don’t worry we’ll just make backup files next time. But what about those lost? Isn’t there a way to recover those files or something?… Can’t just say, “it’s ok, files lang yun!”  But what about all those pictures, all the pictures of my kids growing up years was there, all the places & little sweet moments! We haven’t printed it yet!… And what about all my reference materials, all my personal files, my projects and my files to treasure! Everything else was gone!

I am so disappointed.
Seems like my PC was stolen or got caught in fire,
Seems like death, only lighter.
A part of me is in those files.
And I am paralyzed.
I cried for the lost, for what I could never have back.
It left me without nothing else left to do.
In the swift of a moment,
It was all gone…


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