Mother’s Day Joy Ride

It’s Mother’s Day today! Greetings for me and for all mother’s everywhere!

The family waked up early to visit and surprise Nanay (Papa’s mom) who’s having a vacation at Pila, Laguna. It was a 3 hours ride away from our place. I could not believe how far the place was. But then, it was still a good ride. Before reaching the place we’ve already bought some kesong puti (love this!), honey, and pineapple. We even dine at a restaurant in the “bayan”, and what’s great about is the bakery which sells the so-called “tupipay” (shortened form of tupi and tinapay).

Unfortunately, Nanay wasn’t there when we arrived. She was out with the other relatives whom I haven’t seen and known yet. Ohhhh. We just left and leave our pasalubongs for her. So we just returned back and this time taking the Los Banos road, where we bought buko pies and a lot more!

It was just joy ride for the family… tiring, but then nothing could ever beat the time being spent together with the kids.

And of course, I was appreciative for the messages and greetings other people had given me…
I am a Mom and I love being one!


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