Whirlwind of Emotions

Emotionally felt that I am in the state of havoc. Mixed thoughts and feelings continuously surrounds me this past few days. Seems like it is neverendless.

For the price that our winning photo won brings me happiness and excitement.
For the stress of looking for a good preschool for my kids, coupled with the limited financial means.
For the feeling of somehow hating people who selflessly doesn’t care about what others are feeling.
For the tiredness, lack of sleep and worries.
For the challenges at work, the pressures and the personalities I have to live with.
For taking a sneak peak at the dream I wished had been a part of mine.
For recognizing the happiness that lies beyond those very eyes and those smiles.

I succumb. I discern.
These are all part of what life is. The challenge to live and be happy. To think, to be strong and appreciate life even more.