I happen to chat with a former-officemate-friend a while ago. I got a bit shocked when he told me that I am already a career woman! What?!!!… Could I really get the greatest definition of what a great career woman is or does that description fits me perfectly? I don’t know. Then he asked me what I really wanted in life? Then I knew it… I wanted to be a WHAM!

Funny, he got curious what a WHAM is. Hehehe…

So there, I wanted to be a work-at-home-mom! I want to work at home and earn earn while working and taking care of my kids. Though this too requires dedication and commitment also. Perfect time management would also be one of the key.

And why do I want to be a WHAM? … because I want to do things that I really love and enjoy doing, with lesser pressures… because I prefer designing (though I don’t the talent)… because I’m really not a social person or should I say, I care less about everyone around me… because I think this would make me feel more satisfied.
I don’t know if I could accomplish freelance works on ODESK like what my mom and sister does.

Maybe in time I would be a WHAM!


She Got Mail

Thank God it’s Friday!

She worked silently amidst the chatters and noises surrounding her. She stared at the PC . She tried so hard to keep herself focused and just concentrate on the tasks at hand. But her mind was nowhere and she knew that something was missing. She knew she was waiting for something, though at the back of her mind she was dismissing such thought.

Suddenly, seems like the other person on the other side of the city could read her thought. An email message appeared and she got mail… from him! Her heart starts to beat and her hand suddenly felt cold. And maybe this sounds like from the movie, You’ve Got Mail!

She hurriedly read the message, and it was just a simple “How are you?”.

While she was typing the words – “I don’t know. What’s on the news?” – her mind on the otherhand was saying, “there you are, I was waiting for you… well maybe you’re thinking of me too!” Harharhar. Funny answers and funny thoughts.

And the exchange of messages started –

He: Why are you feeling that way? News, there’s gonna be an earthquake today…
She: I know and it’s just a hoax! … I feel ok, though, maybe not. Or maybe in-between. Do you ever felt like this or is it just me?
He: Weird, huh? I’m good, so good because you replied… and yes, it’s a hoax!
She: and it’s a big deal… maybe if I replied saying and asking work-related questions, you won’t feel good
He: maybe, ‘coz you’ll made me think…

Afterwatds, she logged off.

Walked her way home, figuring out if there’s something in between those messages. Unusual, since they haven’t exchanged how-are-you’s after their first meeting. All exchange of messages are about work! This time it was different. Maybe those messages are nonsense, just the usual people trying to pass the time and say hi! Still, she felt indifferent. But what about him? Maybe he does or maybe he doesn’t.

Maybe this is just one of those fleeting moments, of feelings that have made her heart jump, of anticipation… maybe imagination runs wilder. Sooner, she would eventually return back to the real world.

Don’t Get Me Wrong

release me when this feeling comes
shut down my thoughts when it starts to pour
warm my hands when suddenly it becomes cold
let me remember that there wasn’t a spark.
don’t take the risk when I know what the result would be
stop everything that would cause ruin
learn to be without emotions
and i will keep in mind that it just fleeting…
yes, it is
this is just for the day
tomorrow a new feeling would arise
I know it will
and I will fight it back if it doesnt…

Whewww! Sometimes I guess to leave it sounding like nothing could interpret what I really wanted to say. Sometimes its better to just keep everything to myself… when I know that I really wanted to say it out. This is me. Still hiding between the lines, covering myself with words flowing yet being lost in its truest sense. But it should not be, and I know how to take caution. Maybe this is just because of the sappy things that I have read… maybe just because of the bug (or whatever it might be)…. my own version of romantic paranoia. Things are ok, though my thoughts are filled with all these.

Another Winning Photo!

Submitted this picture at Getzmo for their Father’s Day Promo. I knew and I really hoped I had a chance at winning since there are only a few entries. And yes… this picture won! I received a text message from Getzmo informing me that I won in their promo! I am so happy and of course, my husband and my daughter also. First, it was me and my son who won… then now, it’s their time to win!

And I am becoming a contest fanatic. I keep on searching for contests that I could join online, in the hope of getting a chance at winning. I was thinking about raffle contest? Well, I don’t have a chance at that… but then who knows maybe one of these days… hehe.