She Got Mail

Thank God it’s Friday!

She worked silently amidst the chatters and noises surrounding her. She stared at the PC . She tried so hard to keep herself focused and just concentrate on the tasks at hand. But her mind was nowhere and she knew that something was missing. She knew she was waiting for something, though at the back of her mind she was dismissing such thought.

Suddenly, seems like the other person on the other side of the city could read her thought. An email message appeared and she got mail… from him! Her heart starts to beat and her hand suddenly felt cold. And maybe this sounds like from the movie, You’ve Got Mail!

She hurriedly read the message, and it was just a simple “How are you?”.

While she was typing the words – “I don’t know. What’s on the news?” – her mind on the otherhand was saying, “there you are, I was waiting for you… well maybe you’re thinking of me too!” Harharhar. Funny answers and funny thoughts.

And the exchange of messages started –

He: Why are you feeling that way? News, there’s gonna be an earthquake today…
She: I know and it’s just a hoax! … I feel ok, though, maybe not. Or maybe in-between. Do you ever felt like this or is it just me?
He: Weird, huh? I’m good, so good because you replied… and yes, it’s a hoax!
She: and it’s a big deal… maybe if I replied saying and asking work-related questions, you won’t feel good
He: maybe, ‘coz you’ll made me think…

Afterwatds, she logged off.

Walked her way home, figuring out if there’s something in between those messages. Unusual, since they haven’t exchanged how-are-you’s after their first meeting. All exchange of messages are about work! This time it was different. Maybe those messages are nonsense, just the usual people trying to pass the time and say hi! Still, she felt indifferent. But what about him? Maybe he does or maybe he doesn’t.

Maybe this is just one of those fleeting moments, of feelings that have made her heart jump, of anticipation… maybe imagination runs wilder. Sooner, she would eventually return back to the real world.



  1. May Ledesma said,

    August 21, 2008 at 7:31 am

    Nice story here, very romantic… Why not try a full length novel? You may want to publish your work in the future… God bless…

  2. cza said,

    August 23, 2008 at 12:43 am

    hi may, thanks for reading my post. appreciate the comment… well, who knows maybe in the future, I might try. though, it’s a very long way to go…

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