I happen to chat with a former-officemate-friend a while ago. I got a bit shocked when he told me that I am already a career woman! What?!!!… Could I really get the greatest definition of what a great career woman is or does that description fits me perfectly? I don’t know. Then he asked me what I really wanted in life? Then I knew it… I wanted to be a WHAM!

Funny, he got curious what a WHAM is. Hehehe…

So there, I wanted to be a work-at-home-mom! I want to work at home and earn earn while working and taking care of my kids. Though this too requires dedication and commitment also. Perfect time management would also be one of the key.

And why do I want to be a WHAM? … because I want to do things that I really love and enjoy doing, with lesser pressures… because I prefer designing (though I don’t the talent)… because I’m really not a social person or should I say, I care less about everyone around me… because I think this would make me feel more satisfied.
I don’t know if I could accomplish freelance works on ODESK like what my mom and sister does.

Maybe in time I would be a WHAM!


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