IMAX Experience

I’ve won 2 tickets from for the Screening of Dinasaurs 3D Giant of Patagonia. Thank you Getzmo team for choosing me as one of the winners. So finally, I’ve got the chance to experience watching a film at IMAX! It’s just a short film, though, I appreciate the film because of the 3D effect of the theater.

After attending the birthday party of my cousins’s daughter, hubby and I went off to catch the movie. My parents took the kids with them. We only have a few minutes to spare before the 7 pm show time. We are really in a hurry and luckily, we reached the theater 5 minutes before the film starts. Though we haven’t got a chance to eat beforehand (since there’s free food pala!), still, it’s worth it…¬†watching it at IMAX is¬†free anyway.

We haven’t had any pictures takes as both our cellphones batteries are emptied. Hmmm, maybe we’ll just go back one of these days… well, only if the budget fits!