San Miguel Oktoberfest 2008

… Siento Bente na!

I am not a beer drinker! Still, I was part of the Oktoberfest “Siento Bente” kick-off party. I was not there to drink beer nor join the Oktoberfest celebration, I was there to assist, I was there to sell beer!


It feels just great participating in the biggest and longest San Miguel Oktoberfest. We had 4 booths during the event – it’s Omar’s Bar and Ayie’s Café (it was my kuya who gave the booths their names). We’re selling, bar tendering, manning and serving! Quite an experience for us, witnessing the thousands of people drinking beer, having lots of fun while watching their favorite bands perform.


Sam Miguel built a 600 meter-long beer bar built along the stretch of San Miguel Avenue, Lourdes Avenue and Julia Vargas in Mandaluyong.  This years Oktoberfest tried to break Guinness World Records for the longest bar and most number of people toasting.  The opening was held not just in Metro Manila but simultaneously in Olongapo; Sta. Rosa, Laguna; Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu; and in Davao City.


Before 7 pm, the area had been really jam-packed. It’s really a night of overflowing beer and bands. One of the event highlights is the performance of the popular American alternative band – Third Eye Blind. And for sure, it made the crowd even wilder! The area had four stages – The Main Stage, The All Girls Stage, The Reggae Stage and The Pop Stage. People are entertained by the country’s hottest bands and musicians like The Dawn, Rivermaya,  Spongecola, Sugarfree, After Image, Nyoy Volante, Paolo Santos, Jimmy Bondoc, Rico Blanco, Reggae Mistress, Overtone, and more. We didn’t get to see the any bands of these bands perform, we just heard the music nearby.


But then the party didn’t end without a glitch. The security had to stop people at the entrances at around midnight. Maybe the venue wasn’t enough to accommodate all those people who haven’t got the chance to go inside. Ow, sayang ang ticket nila pati ang beer sales namin!


Still, Oktoberfest is definitely a beer drinking fiesta! Cheers to the 120 days of celebration!