Fun Ranch Halloween Party

Fun Ranch Halloween Party

Fun Ranch

I’ve registered the kids for the Fun Ranch party together with my kuya’s kids as I know that this would be one event that we wouldn’t miss. True enough, our kids had a great time today!

Brent wore his much anticipated Spiderman costume, Skylah came as Spider Girl and my sister Jalysa was dressed as a Rhumba girl. My kuya and his family were already there minutes before we arrived. I never knew they were as excited as we were. Fiona was dressed as a cute little witch, baby Clay as a little pirate and their pamangkin Kastner came in as the devil.

Kuya’s kids were supposed to register at an earlier time. They were there before 1:30 pm and were told that registration hasn’t started yet. They would have bagged the early bird award if they stayed and waited for the registration to start.

The Halloween Party started at around 3 pm. They started with lots of games that kids got to participate in. Their bring me game was indeed enjoyable; luckily we’ve bagged 2 prizes also. We were at farther side of the activity area and it was Kastner’s fastest run and enthusiasm made him win.

Beforehand, the one who’s in-charge of the games (I guess) asks my Skylah if she wanted to join. So we listed her and Jalysa in the food relay game, and Kastner in the scariest laugh game. Not one of them wins, but the good thing about it is that even though the kids didn’t win, they still get to have a consolation prize. Great isn’t it? This makes me proud of Skylah for participating in the game. Though I could feel she was somehow fighting the feeling of being scared perhaps, she still joined the game. True, it’s not about winning or losing… and this is one thing I would always let my kids remember.

This is an organized event, maybe because Fun Ranch had planned it well that they had accommodated all those cute kids in the activity area. It’s a thumb up when kids gets to participate in the games without pursuing them. It was a good plan giving kids their number, asking them if they want to join this game, and then calling their numbers afterwards. This saves them the time of asking who wants to join a game, and it also gives more chances to other kids as well.

After the games and the show, the trick or treat had started. They gave the kids their loot bags including the coupons that they would be giving to the stores. It’s a good idea since it guides the kids and parents on where to get their treats! By the time we were finished, the kids had their pumpkin bags full of goodies and candies! Aside from the games, the costume awards and loot bags and treats from the stores; there was also a fire eater show, free vitamin samples and free Anchor yogurt drink. Still, all events have a little loophole or so; for I guess it doesn’t even matter.

It would be right to say that it was more than a fun Halloween party; it was indeed a very enjoyable one!


Precious Partners Costume Party

Costume Party
My kid’s school celebrated their costume party at KFC Megamall. Brent came as a policeman and Skylah as a Harem Princess.

I accompanied the kids at the party tagging yaya Mercy with me as my husband needs to be at the office today. From the start, I made a commitment to be with the kids and share with them every important school activity. This is my way of sharing with them their greatest moments and capturing their happiness. 

It was indeed an enjoyable day! The girls came in as nurses, princesses, dancer; while the boys came in as superheroes, engineer, lawyer, doctor, ranger, and a lot more costumes. Everyone look so cute in their outfits. And of course, the best in costumes are given to the chef, the astronaut, the doctor and the rock star (I suppose). They stood out as they really came in complete costume.

Just like everyone else, my kids had great fun! Brent is not yet fond of joining games and his happiness came from receiving those little toys and loot bag. I was proud of Skylah for joining 2 games, even though she didn’t win, she still received consolation prizes. It is good that their teachers also allotted consolation prizes for those who joined their games but did not win. But of course, every winner deserves bigger and nicer prizes.

Yes, I admit that this costume party is a bit pricey, but the fun in my kid’s eyes makes it all worthwhile!

I Am Her Inspiration

Soon she would follow. This I am sure. Her never ending dream of wanting to have and do things that I do continuous. The saga of yearning to be like me, hating me because of enviousness and jealousy, lives on. Just like what it had been months and years before. She learned to write and express herself the way the I did. She copied my words and let it express in her own ways. She scraps her photos, making it similar to mine, even using the words that I used. She then becomes fond of scrapbooks and photo editing, following what I always do… loving to love what I do.

Now, when she learned of my kids magazine appearances, she started boasting of her son’s first appearance way back 2004. I know now what she’s up to. Buying all those parenting and baby magazines in the market so she could join too. When she saw the latest Working Mom magazine, with my son and my words being featured for “What Works For Me”, I knew then that she would follow.

True, everyone can do whatever they want as long as it does not cause harm to someone else. Still, I wonder why choose to do things that I love to do? Why choose to follow what I am? Why can’t she just do her own thing and not pattern her life to what I have and make it similar to mine? Saying she hated me because I am able to do this, is indeed irony! Maybe it all boils down to hating me because she truly wanted to live the life I am living. This makes me prouder… indeed, I can say, I am her inspiration!

It Worked For Me!

Working Mom October 2008
Such great feeling when I saw my son’s picture in the magazine, with words that I had shared. I was really thankful I grabbed a copy. My son was so happy also seeing himself in the magazine.
Eversince my kids got featured in magazines, I am at the lookout for these. Sometimes, the kids got picked but sometimes they don’t and sometimes i don’t have anything to submit. Still, it’s great. A thumbnail size picture brings a smile on our faces… a small token even does the same!
I have been wanting to take a peek at Working Mom’s magazine when I saw it at National Bookstore. A week after, “the so-called-friend” had asked me if I bought a copy, I become more curious. I was then hoping that she’ll inform me that my son was there, but with no such luck. Well, I knew the reasons why she doesn’t told me about it… and I choose to understand. People could sometimes be like this… jealousiness perhaps!

Another Dose

Leaving the past behind doesn’t mean that people will do the same. I never want to remember and bring the memory back, through sometimes I get tangled in situations and I could not break free. I knew I can talk freely without angst and yes; I remain emotionless. Or I only thought I was.

A chikka conversation with a friend had caused the wife to bring back what was. Pushing and wanting to prove… telling me stories only to make me feel bad and make herself the better woman. I am not competing, nor have I surrendered to her. For me, there was never a competition, there are no reasons to prove who’s better than us. Why just leave the broken and damaged part of the past behind? Why are there still baggages and hang-ups? I don’t need to find reasons why the wife wanted to befriend my friend too. I knew who she is and I knew what she’s up to. How I wish I’ll be completely wrong. Yes, I had allowed my energy to be drained after that… but never will I allow it again.

Skylah at Philippine Star


Philippine Star Kids Only

Debtness and Tiredness

I am in debt…

I owe my blog the time it needs. I owe myself the sense of breathing. It was only through my blog that I can share my thoughts freely. So much had kept me from writing. Being busy, perhaps. Spending much time in other things, is another. I have been pre-occupied with playing Virtual Villagers, with finding ways of earning online, with searching for freebies and contest to join, with surfing.

I am getting tired…

Seems everything are becoming dull and lifeless. So many tasks to accomplish, yet I feel I am stuck. Afraid that maybe soon I’ll be facing my doom. Questioning, how important are those things? Answering, it was! But do they think so? My mind was occupied with the “least-priority-thing”… the totality of what I am doing. Sometimes am getting lost. I am losing my focus. I almost felt like backing out… looking and finding ways to do what i really want.